10 facts about the camping toilet

Cassette toilets are not an indispensable part of camping life. The specialists of promobil say what is important in the smallest room in the motorhome and name the most important facts.

1. Where the term “toilet” originated from?
The term toilet originates according to Wikipedia the French toile or toilet, which is a “blanket” or a “small cloth” is meant the one shielded for his necessities of the area. In China however, the toilet area is often called “Hall of Inner Harmony”. 1775 was the English clockmaker and mathematician Alexander Cumming the patent for his design of the water closet, because the version of John Harington (1596) was temporarily forgotten. World Toilet Day is actually the 19 November initiated by the World Toilet Organization.

2. Should the slider be open when using the mobile toilet?
Previously, it was using cassette toilets only when the slide is closed. Only then push the handle under the toilet bowl to the side to open the enclosure for holding tank. In this flush the toilet for a few seconds. Newer models can be used in both open or closed. Slide after use and keep closed. Look at what the user recommends.

3. Can the toilet accidentally be used without a cassette?
As the slider is usually installed in the cassette, which can actually happen. Papa disposed just the cartridge, the shaft under WC, meanwhile is open, the offspring is suddenly urgent. This happens no mishap in such cases, Dometic has developed with the Saneo a toilet with double slider. In any case it is very important that the cassette holder is out carefully sealed to the vehicle. This prevents the liquid between furniture or tailboard to penetrate.